Classical Guitarist, Accordionist. Bay Area. San-Francisco.

Eugene lives and works in the Bay Area.

Eugene was born into a Russian family in the Republic of Kazakhstan. From early childhood he showed interest and abilities toward music. For a start he sang in choirs, played different instruments (clarinet, accordion), and then one day he heard and was introduced to the classical guitar.

"When I first heard the sounds of the guitar, I felt that I only and only want to play this instrument. I will not be able to live without these harmonious sounds."

And so it happened -- he studied and obtained his classical guitar degree at the College of Music in Sverdlovsk, Russia. Solo concerts in major cities of Russia and Kazakhstan started soon after completion of this College.

Eugene has played and worked for 3 years in Spain (Barcelona). He was a permanent at the radio and television of Almaty, Kazakhstan. He has played for 3 years at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in San Francisco.


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